What does your profile pic/avatar, banner pic, and/or signature mean?


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Apr 12, 2022
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Of course they don't have to mean anything at all - maybe you just like the pic or the quote in your signature. But here's a thread to talk about them!

Please make sure to mention what your current profile pic or banner pic or signature is when you post. That way, if you change them later, the post will still make sense.

Ok, so mine is a Bookhouse Boys patch which I love for obvious reasons and the circular avatar shapes on here complements it and it looked ideal. My banner pic is the Hopper painting Nighthawks. My last banner pic (currently in my signature) was one I had also used as an avatar on Dugpa - an animated one showing a figure in a trench coat (presumably Cooper) running over a television remote control towards a forest and "Twin Peaks" (two mountains). I saw it in a Washington Post article about the show. My signature also has two quotes I love from the original series - Cooper telling Harry (and perhaps us all) to give yourself a present every day and the "not sure where this will lead us but I'm sure it will be a place both wonderful and strange" one. Previously, on Dugpa, I had Harriet's "full blossom" line (complete with a Harriet avatar from the same scene). I had lots of other avatars on the old site too - including Josie's face in the drawer knob.

So - what about you? What is your current avatar/profile pic and why did you choose it? And what about banner pic and signature (if you have either)? And what were some other avatars/signatures you had back on Dugpa?
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Mine is a Tibetan Mandala. Somewhat tangential, but equally...it’s a Twin Peaks forum

(I'm fairly confident it's Tibetan, but had this image for years, and can't find it's origins even via image search)
My avatar doesn't mean much. It obviously is a picture of the band Chromatics which i discovered during The Return and I like very much.
It's a shame they already split up.

Unlike others I really like the Roadhouse performances in The Return. Sharon Van Etten and Nine Inch Nails were already among my favourite acts. Besides Chromatics The Return sparked my interest for Au Revoir Simone, The Veils and Trouble as well.
My avatar is a screenshot of the video tape we see of Laura and Donna in the pilot episode. Laura is a favorite character of mine, but that scene in particular is one I love; how innocuous it is compared to what we later learn about Laura. It’s just a brief glimpse into a lighter moment of her life.

The quote is me simply cherry picking a quote I like from Cooper, ever the one with unique lines.
My avatar is a frame from a Charles Burns comic, X'ED OUT, with the dialogue changed to mirror the famous LOST HIGHWAY line.
LOST HIGHWAY was the first movie directed by Lynch I saw when I was 16 o 17 years old, IT BLEW MY MIND COMPLETELY!. I never before had such an intense movie experience, I watched it when it was released on VHS, and the uncanny sensation of enjoying not understanding was sooo powerfull, the movie was over, my friend turned off the TV and I kept watching the black screen... speechless. He begun to talk to me about a girl he liked, and i was like "wait a minute dude, Idont know what I just saw, I didnt undertand it, and I LOVE IT!". - I was hooked from that moment.
My avatar is Shelly with the two famous cups of “give yourself a present” coffee.

My banner photo is by the great photographer William Eggleston (b. 1939), of whom Lynch is a good friend and fan. Eggleston has taken Lynch’s portrait at least twice.

Lynch in Time Out, 2014:
“It's an amazing art form: I especially love William Eggleston, Joel-Peter Witkin and Diane Arbus.”

Some of William Eggleston’s work:

William Eggleston speaking about Lynch in a September 2017 interview:

CD: Your style often gets compared to certain film directors, like the Coen Brothers, Sofia Coppola, and David Lynch…​
WE: David and I are very close and work a lot together. I’m close to a lot of people that make films. I like Sofia Coppola; she’s very good. I’m very much taken by all of David’s works too. I think David took over where Hitchcock was, in my mind.​
CD: Lynch is known for his seemingly anonymous towns infused with mystery. Did he get that from you?​
WE: Well — he and I both agree that we don’t steal from each other. I don’t know of any examples that come right to mind, but I can see, from time to time, different frames in his films that I think, we must have exchanged our ideas. It’s not that I see a frame of his that is trying to copy something I do. It’s just David. We exchange ideas all the time.​

Lynch speaking about one of the times that Eggleston took his portrait:

My avatar might be my favorite shot/transition in FWWM. I love how Cooper's face fades away into a blur and becomes unidentifiable, a stranger's face obscured by dirty glass, and the way the lipstick momentarily becomes a slash across his throat.
The banner is "the" Twin Peaks shot for me. The image of the swinging traffic lights at night with the sound of the wind is one of the things that stuck in my mind the most from my very first viewing. Very evocative. I know the shot is repeated in the show a few times, but for some reason I always seem to remember there being more of those moments than there actually are.