Visiting Twin Peaks

Rex Mason

Sparkwood & 21
Apr 12, 2022
Hey gang! Since the news of some of the original filming spots being torn down in 2024, I figure it's now or never for visiting. My question for you guys is; Is it worth it? I have been a TP fan since the airing of the pilot. However, I live on the east coast so it would be a haul.

I just want to ensure that I won't be disappointed if I go. Thoughts/opinions?


Great Northern Hotel
Apr 12, 2022
You absolutely will NOT be disappointed! It is one of the most beautiful areas in the world and absolutely worth visiting and revisiting (I've been 3 times and would go 33 more times given the chance). If you decide to go, use this site for all the directions and details - it's an invaluable resource:

Complete Guide to Twin Peaks Film Locations

Jordan Cole

White Lodge
Sep 22, 2022
If anyone is interested, here are some links to my trips:

First visit (I'm trying to just post the URL but its doing these big previews that I think are more confusing)

thread accidentally gets cut but continues here (please click Show Replies on the bottom tweet to see everything else! TONS of stuff!):

Mt. Si motel and climbing little Mt. Si:

Bainbridge Island (Laura's log, etc):

Everything else: