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Sparkwood & 21
Apr 17, 2022
Not sure if this is out of bounds considering the ‘legality’ of it (guess it’s fine if we don’t provide links?), but what are people’s opinions on fan edits? Have you watched any?

I myself checked out part of a fan edit that trimmed down essentially all the side plots/scenes that weren’t explicitly involved with the Laura Palmer case, an abridged version basically.
I ended up stopping by the season two mark, I just couldn’t shake off the feeling of expecting to see a scene and it not appearing, or thinking of parts that didn’t need to be cut out.

My official breakoff point was actually sometime after Cooper is shot. It skipped over some dialogue from Cooper, and it’s a favorite quote of mine;
All things considered, being shot is not as bad as I always thought it might be.
As long as you can keep the fear from your mind.
But I guess you can say that about almost anything in life.
It's not so bad as long as you can keep the fear from your mind.

The same creator however released a FWWM edit I enjoyed, splicing in the scenes from Missing Pieces.

Summed up, I’m curious to see what other people think.


Bureau HQ
Apr 11, 2022
Discussing the concept is fine.

Any sharing of links or instructions on how to access these edits (including the solicitation of help towards this end) is out of bounds.


Sparkwood & 21
Apr 19, 2022
I have no interest in the edits which cut out 'the boring bits' or whatever - I did watch the edit combining FWWM and The Missing Pieces. I'm glad I saw the extra pieces, but apart from the convenience store scene, in my opinion they were correctly cut.

I saw two versions of The Return episodes 17/18 edit - one side by side, the other with both images on one screen.

Avoiding debate as to whether it meant anything - thought Lynch has used overlapping imagery to great effect, not least with 'We live inside a dream'

@fatecolossal did a fascinating thread on Rabbits Starring Jack and Rabbits Starring Suzie being run simultaneously:

Intentions aside, there were some beautiful images on the latter 17/18 edit, most noticeably in around the driving scenes in Episode 18.
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Mr. Reindeer

White Lodge
Apr 13, 2022
Generally speaking, I find fan edits infuriating and insulting to the original creators. The Dune “Spicediver” edit or whatever it’s called I can stomach, just because it’s a convenient way to see all that footage without having to slog through the even worse semi-official “Judas Booth” cut, and the fan edit in certain ways is probably closer to the film Lynch would have liked to make if he had final cut, but even there, there are choices that infuriate me.


Waiting Room
Apr 14, 2022
The aforementioned Dune and FWWM edits perform a service in that you can more or less see what could've been--there's also a Blue Velvet edit that does the same thing with its deleted scenes.

I think I saw the edit mentioned in OP, and I watched it to prep quickly for S3 before it aired. And yeah, it just didn't cut the mustard. Despite whatever intentions the creator had in trimming material, what it was they thought would or could result, what actually resulted is a relentless string of procedural scenes in a show whose basic structure as a viewing experience is founded on variety. It becomes repetitious and loses a human element when all you see is the case going forward inch by inch by clue by investigation scene.

I haven't seen any edits of S3 on principal--it would be like doing Ultimate Cuts of Tarkovsky's filmography where you time every pause between spoken words and amputate anytime it breaches 30 seconds. I feel like there's a kind of arrogance involved in applying fanedit culture to what's clearly an art piece, as if your interpretation of intentionality is so rock solid as to know what's essential or not. Maybe if someone wrote a grand unified theory of what S3 means and how the viewing dynamic and audience interface works in extreme detail, and then edited accordingly ... but no one has better access to that than the original creative team. What fanedits there are are clearly meant to compress the runtime to improve ease of viewing, in a series where discomfort and patience-testing seem like (at least some of) the point.


Glastonbury Grove
Apr 13, 2022
There are two FWWM + The Missing Pieces fan edits. I have watched the one which leaves all but two missing pieces out. It's well worth the ride for anyone who feels like delving into the last 7 days of Laura Palmer but then in another version.

I think maybe even, would Lynch have had the same type of freedom he enjoyed when making the Return, FWWM might just have looked a lot more like that fan edit than what we got way back when.


Bureau HQ
Apr 12, 2022
I think people are talking about the Northwest Passage fan edit of Twin Peaks. It’s the only fan edit I’ve seen. It was circulating widely back then, and one of the only reasons I saw it was that the entire thing was up on YouTube, or one of the larger YouTube competitors. There’s still a trailer on YouTube, from 2014.

Ultimately it’s just a curiosity, but it's somewhat interesting to see it undertaken as an exercise. I would have preferred a fan edit of the rough spot of season 2. There was an edit on YouTube that simply combined all of the Evelyn/James arc, as a joke, and it actually made it a bit better, just by isolating it. Part of the problem with that arc was how it didn’t fit with the Twin Peaks material, and just made the viewer want to get back to the town.

I think that some of the short experiments on YouTube can be fun, and they avoid the potential hubris involved in editing an entire work:

Now this sort of thing is really interesting, and on another level entirely, and I wish that the channel was still uploading new content:



Sparkwood & 21
Apr 12, 2022
I actually really like Q2's (version 2) FanEdit of FWWM. I think it only leaves out one scene (Cooper talking to Diane off-screen about her hair or something). They really put in a lot of work into it, rather than just cutting and pasting in scenes, they incorporated music and transitions making it feel like it was meant to be that way, though the pacing and focus is all over the place (as Q2 has acknowledged). But I see it for what it is, it's basically the unedited, "script-version" of the movie. I will always prefer Lynch's theatrical cut, but I did really enjoy watching it when I found it. I disliked the Northwest Passage FanEdit, though I appreciate the work that went into that too. I have no problems with FanEdits as long as they are seen for what they are rather than a replacement of the director's vision. However, there are movies I've seen where certain scenes just sort of ruin the movie for me, or at least pull me out of it; leaving me to think 'this would be a better movie without this or that scene'. Some of the Star Wars prequel FanEdits are simply amazing, restructuring the story and cutting out bits that really bog down the movies brining them more in-line with the earlier popcorn flix.