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ARTICLE Trent Reznor On TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN PART 8, Five Years Later

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Good interview. I don’t think I’d heard that "The Nine Inch Nails" thing came from the announcer messing up his line reading before!

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"Here's something I believe: the summer of 2017, wherein David Lynch and Mark Frost brought Twin Peaks back to television, represents the last truly great summer on record. The next few weren't bad, per se (and were certainly more satisfying than the summers we've been handed during the COVID era), but none of 'em came close to matching the crackling energy of Summer '17, when you, me, and everyone we know was caught up in the immense gravitational pull of Twin Peaks: The Return. It was a weekly show, rather than a forced binge. It was impossible to accurately speculate on, but we went ahead and tried to, anyway. All those viewing parties and conversations about what sort of game Lynch was playing this time. I think about that summer in the same way some folks think back to a beloved childhood trip to Disneyworld. I fantasize about feeling that way ever again."

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Thank you, this was a really nice article and an equally nice interview!

Even though I, in contrast with the writer of the article, had great "Covid summers", I agree that 2017 was special - because of Twin Peaks - and this article reminded me of it. What a show! I truly don't feel the same kind of nostalgia or desire for rewatching for anything else.

NEWS Tom Sizemore (1961-2023)

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It looks like Tom Sizemore's family will be having to make a difficult decision soon. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/doctors-recommend-end-life-decision-actor-tom-sizemore-rcna72599
Gary Bullock (1941-2022)
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Sad to share that Gary passed away in April of this year. He was the first cast member I got to interview for the Moving Through Time FWWM documentary I did back in 2014. He was always a generous with his time and stories. He will be missed.
John Neff (1951-2022)
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John Neff has passed away. This has been a terrible year for the Peaks/Lynch community.