The question is within the answer


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Apr 11, 2022
Have you ever googled a question about Twin Peaks that just lives rent free in your mind?

Twin Peaks isn't really one for providing answers. Or even leaving a trail towards answers that audiences provide themselves. At least not explanatory ones. The strength of this series is in the scope for interpretive and analytical answers. They're subjective, and personal, and rooted in each viewer's lived experience as much as they are in the text itself.

This section is a platform to ask/answer any questions about the series. It isn't (necessarily) a place to find definitive answers. As the Log Lady wisely intoned: The answer is within the question. If an answer spawns 20 new questions, then that's also a win. If it sparks debate without approaching consensus, even better.

Sometimes responses to these questions are framed within personal anecdotes. Other times they're based on biographical details for characters. Both are valuable.

Some sample questions have been submitted but feel free to post more.

Can I downvote/upvote answers?

No. This has option has been disabled for this trial run. For most questions, there aren't really "wrong answers" unless they're on procedural plot elements (and even those aspects usually descend into non sequitur throughout the series). This section is modelled on Q/A websites like Stack Exchange. While downvotes are useful there, they host Q&As on highly technical subjects that have wrong answers. And sometimes these wrong answers can have disastrous consequences. But we're not writing instruction manuals on this forum, so downvotes probably aren't necessary.