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Apr 12, 2022
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We watch and discuss every episode of Twin Peaks with three unique perspectives (a returning fan, a fresh scholar and a first time watcher!) Grab a damn fine cup of coffee and give us a listen!

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8 April 2022 Show Notes
It's time to giggle with our special guest: Andrea Hays! We chat about how she landed the role as Heidi in the Twin Peaks pilot and giggled her way back into our hearts 25 years later. Andrea shares some wonderful stories from the original series, Fire Walk With Me & The Return.

Latest episode from the fantastic Talking Backwards Podcast is an interview with Andrea Hays, who plays everyone's favourite waitress Heidi on the show.
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23 April 2022 Show Notes:
It's time to revisit one of the greatest tributes to Twin Peaks in the form of another television series. Are you as psyched as we are? Hope so! It's time to go back to the 2010 Cinnamon Festival in the town of Dual Spires. We're talking about the Psych episode which features many Twin Peaks cast members. We heard your requests for us to discuss this episode & we hope we did it justice!

I really wasn't a fan of the Dual Spires episode. I'll give this a listen though and maybe it'll inSPIRE me to give it another go.