Sleep Has Her House: Has anybody seen it?


Sparkwood & 21
Dec 16, 2022
Hi everyone,
I’m new here. My name is Jack. I’ve been following the news for Unrecorded Night/Wisteria for the last few years after being absolutely blown away by Twin Peaks: The Return.
I am still waiting and hoping for a new film or TV series from the man himself. But I thought that in the meantime, I should share other films that are similar in some ways that I have found…

I remember searching for films or TV series that are similar to Twin Peaks:The Return, and one of the films that kept appearing was this film called Sleep Has Her House. I had never heard of it but allegedly it came out in 2017. It is a film completely shot on an iPhone by one person, Scott Barley, a young Welshman from the UK. He also directed, edited and scored the film. There was no crew or cast at all. He just filmed at night and spent two years editing the film. But the film looks like nothing you have ever seen shot on an iPhone. It is one of the most mysterious and beautiful and affecting films I have ever seen. It is so dark, so beautiful, so cinematic. It’s incredible! I kept on thinking of David Lynch’s description of a “moving painting”. This is exactly what this film is.

When you purchase the film from Barley’s website, you get a PDF file that links to a download of the film, and it tells you to only watch the film in complete darkness. I followed the instructions, and boy! This film when you fully give over to it is INCREDIBLE. It’s an extremely slow film, like parts of Twin Peaks The Return, but even more so. There are no actors, only shots of animals in nature at night that slowly dissolve into a sublime apocalypse. I don’t want to go into more detail so not to spoil it. There is a strong sense of mystery even though you are pretty much on your own, with no conventional story or characters. You see things in the darkness of the forest. Faces, shapes, phantoms. It’s like INLAND EMPIRE, Twin Peaks The Return, crossed with National Geographic but all at night.

I think that people who are fans of David Lynch’s most experimental films and have a lot of patience will LOVE this.

Barley has only made one feature film, but lots of short films that are also very focused on nature and mystery.
I bought the film from the director‘s website and it’s become one of my favourite films of all time. Highly recommended to all us Lynch fans (Especially if you enjoyed INLAND EMPIRE and the slowness of Twin Peaks: The Return)

If you have seen it, or do watch it after this post, please let me know your views on it, and your interpretations. I don’t know if I can put it into words just yet, but the feeling is so intense I can’t shake it.


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Waiting Room
Apr 12, 2022
I will watch it as it seems interesting. From your description, I think you should enjoy a Film called LUA VERMELLA (Red Moon Tide, 2020 ), directed by LOIS PATIÑO.
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Sparkwood & 21
Dec 16, 2022
Yes! I I really enjoyed Red Moon Tide. I have seen Patino’s other films too. I read somewhere that Lois Patino was influenced by one of Barley‘s films almost a decade ago. I think it was called Nightwalk.