THE RETURN S3 E18: When Coop Meets Carrie Page

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When Coop meets Carrie Page, Carrie agrees to go with him to Laura's house because Carrie needs "to get out of Dodge" or suchlike.

You see in her house is a dead man, whom she was thought to have killed. He looks like Bob. She killed Bob in that alternate reality.

Thing is, l'm not sure she killed him. He clearly killed himself.

That to me is key to the ending. Carrie is evil. Maybe she is Judy. Yes l know the scream is associated with the good Laura. I'm trying to explain that in my mind. Anybody have any thoughts?

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Well, Carrie isn't exactly schoolgirl Laura Palmer. I see it as an alt reality where Bob is a victim. I don't believe any good person ever needs to "get out of Dodge". It's what people trying to avoid the consequences of their own wickedness say.

Seems to me that in the end, Judy / Carrie realises she's trapped in a dead end world, a fake universe regardless the timeline (she hears echoes of the other one just before she screams). She'll never win and it's all part of a reality made for her, she's not the Dreamer, she's part of the dream.

If true, one way to continue the tale would be: the total darkness might be Judy's awesome power, not her demise - but it gets more and more dubious so i'll leave it at that.

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Apr 13, 2022
Did you guys notice the BOB like orb in his belly? Akin to Mr. C's?
Yup! There also appears to be creamed corn, and the actor looks VERY much like one of the loan sharks from the earlier scene with Janey-E in the park (the scene with Jeremy Davies, but this looks like the guy who’s not Jeremy Davies). All very weird stuff.

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I like to connect film universes up. If Season 3's finale really was meant to be Judy's epiphany of total night, rather than her total destruction, then could the story then dovetail into Lynch's first feature film Eraserhead? An unspeakably dark, dismal, loveless world.

[Not even drugs allowed anymore in the Eraserhead world - psychotropics having fulfilled their role in degrading society, there can't be a risk of hippie revival, so we only have nicotine in Eraserhead - nicotine's a LEGAL drug].

So, Eraserhead could well be the culmination of a world where Judy has wrested the title of Dreamer from Coop, Fireman, etc. The moonchild baby born in Eraserhead could be Judy's messiah.

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Full disclosure: I only have my memories of 2017's screening of Season 3 via NowTV in the UK, l don't have it on disc yet. For some reason, am averse to it, probably because it's too cryptic, l feel l've already done my time with Season 3 but love reminiscing over what happened. like reminiscing between school leavers.

Also: I have Eraserhead on disc but tbh l didn't like it that much and am unwilling to watch it again just yet (l believe it to be a masterpiece, just not a nice masterpiece). (Also have FWWM on disc but it's SO watchable, l want to make sure l've forgotten it before l re-watch, so am sitting that one out too).

TO continue: According to Wikipedia, Eraserhead is analogous to Twin Peaks Season 3 in many ways:

As l was saying. l believe the world of Twin Peaks near the end of Season 3, where they cross over into the Judy Future could transform into the dead world of Eraserhead, simpy by dying more. That is to say:

In Season 3 we start with a Black Lodge dominated world filled with drugs and guns and gangs and violence and redneck accountants, transforming into something even more wicked when Cooper crossses the electrified contour line and enters Judy Future.

Season 3 ends with Judy's epiphany of Night when she realises she's trapped in a pointless dead-end Judy World (l bet Frost will, independent of this, one day randomly say yep that was Laura's ultimate victory scream, so caveat emptor about it being Judy).

Once this is done, Judy's (pretty pointless) enduring torture of thoroughly broken humanity commences, up to the end of time in the dead-end pointless Judy World. The drugs and gangs etc. are no more, they served their purpose. Now everyone's lives are minimalised, collectivised under the pall of Judy's smoky night. Hence the world of Eraserhead, where everything is dumbed down, minimal and we only get cigarettes.

Judy spits out her messiah via Eraserhead. (OK this makes no sense, but according to Wikipedia Eraserhead began with Eraserhead spitting out the unsightly child, l feel it should have been Judy spitting it out surely? It even resembled Judy's cloud-chamber form. Even though Judy was a much later invention, l like to pretend she's real, in which case she should have inspired herself into Lynch's mind way back then). This is the Moonchild, antithesis of Laura Orb perhaps, whose brutal murder causes him to blossom into his true monster form, and the end: Utter darkness *. Much like the Season 3 finale, according to Wikipedia.

I hope to rewatch Eraserhead and Season 3 soon-ish ... but let me know if this is just plain implausible..

I like to think this explanation flows naturally, writes itself, rather than jarring anti-supernatural hard-materialist explanations ("it's because television is bad, it's a joke within a joke") or convoluted-simplistic mom-issues explanations ("ehm, so after all that ... here you go mom, i hate you, screaaaammm!")

*and that could mean no more Twin Peaks, Laura happy, Coop happy in both FWWM and Season 3 versions, split in two because he made a major faux pas with Annie, he erred as a knight errant, but redemption now complete. Judy finally vanquished, but after her brief shocked scream, even she's kind of happy dwindling away within the terminal Judy World a la end of Season 3 transitioning into Eraserhead. I also feel Coop may have made the ultimate act of contrition by letting his mean streak persona (the one that would have used Annie for his own ends whilst on a noble quest) be tortured til the end of time in the pointless Judy World by Judy - think self-redeeming evil mage Raistlin sacrificing himself to be tortured forevermore by Takhisis the Dark Queen at the end of Dragonlance: Test of the Twins).
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