S03E14 Part 14

The Bookhouse Bot

Jul 1, 2022
Twin Peaks

Part 14
Season: 3
Episode: 14
Air date: 2017-08-13

Guest stars: Harry Goaz, Grace Zabriskie, David Lynch, James Marshall, Monica Bellucci, Shane Lynch, John Paulsen, Emily Stofle, Robert Broski, Sheryl Lee, Lissie, Erica Eynon, Eric Ray Anderson, David Bowie, Owain Rhys Davies, J.R. Starr, Miguel Ferrer, Dana Ashbrook, Kimmy Robertson, Michael Horse, Jake Wardle, Chrysta Bell, Nae Yuuki, Robert Forster, John Pirruccello, Jay Aaseng, Carel Struycken, Jay R. Ferguson, Nathan Frizzell, Frank Silva, Laura Dern

Gordon remembers an important moment from his past. Andy, Bobby, Hawk and Truman go to the forest. James hears a story about a glove on his birthday. An unknown facet of Sarah is revealed.