S03E13 Part 13

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Jul 1, 2022
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Twin Peaks

Part 13
Season: 3
Episode: 13
Air date: 2017-08-06

Guest stars: Russ Tamblyn, Everett McGill, Peggy Lipton, Wendy Robie, Sherilyn Fenn, Grace Zabriskie, James Marshall, George Griffith, Tom Sizemore, Derek Mears, David Koechner, Eric Edelstein, Larry Clarke, Frank Collison, John Savage, Amanda Seyfried, Jelani Quinn, Christopher Durbin, Alon Abutbul, Kate Alden, Mike Malone, Virginia Kull, Kelsey Bohlen, Rachael Bower, Johnny Chavez, Patrick Fischler, Mädchen Amick, Grant Goodeve, Jessica Szohr, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tim Roth, Eamon Farren, Clark Middleton, J.R. Starr, Dana Ashbrook, Jim Belushi, Robert Knepper, Don Murray, Amy Shiels, Giselle DaMier, Andréa Leal, Pierce Gagnon, Naomi Watts

Dougie comes home bearing gifts while Anthony is sent on a risky mission, Evil Cooper wants revenge.

The end credits scene with Ed is still really interesting to me. It looks to me like right before the credits start rolling, Ed’s reflection is beginning to fool around with the matchbook, although it’s tough to tell for sure. It’s almost like Ed is seeing a few seconds into his own future, and then imitates the reflection by doing the matchbook stunt himself. Which is pretty interesting to think about in terms of Part 15, where Ed closes his eyes and appears to see, or sense, that Norma is about to approach him a few seconds into the future.