S01E08: Episode 7 ("The Last Evening")

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Episode 7
Season: 1
Episode: 8
Air date: 1990-05-23

Guest stars: Chris Mulkey, Walter Olkewicz, Victoria Catlin, Lance Davis, Peter Michael Goetz, Brian Straub, Rick Giolito, Charles Hoyes

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Log Lady Introduction

A drunken man walks in a way that is quite impossible for a sober man to imitate.

And vice versa.

An evil man has a way.

No matter how clever: to the trained eye, his way will show itself.

Am I being too secretive?


One can never answer questions at the wrong moment.

Life, like music, has a rhythm.

This particular song will end with three sharp sounds.

Like deathly drumbeats.

This was the Season 1 finale and it was written AND directed by Mark Frost (the only time he directed and the only time a single writer and director helmed an episode) and was chockfull of cliffhangers, including the "Who Shot JR Cooper?" one (as we discussed in another thread):

Link to the discussion of this episode on Dugpa:

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