S01E06: Episode 5 ("Cooper's Dreams")

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Episode 5
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Air date: 1990-05-10

Guest stars: Chris Mulkey, Don Amendolia, Mary Stavin, Catherine E. Coulson, Jill Engels, Lance Davis, Peter Michael Goetz, Brian Straub, Rick Giolito, Charlotte Stewart, David Patrick Kelly, Don S. Davis

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Log Lady Introduction

MEDIA=youtube]xJVJhji6bho, list: PLuptkPrD-BdpuXtNfq_gQ58VIL6rZAizF[/MEDIA]​

I play my part on life's stage.

I tell what I can to form the perfect answer.

But that answer cannot come before all are ready to hear.

So I tell what I can to form the perfect answer.

Sometimes, my anger at the fire is evident.

Sometimes, it is not anger, really.

It may appear as such, but could it be a clue?

The fire I speak of is not a kind fire.

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Correct me if I'm wrong (I haven't rewatched recently) but I think this is the episode that has my signature quote in it:

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