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S01E05: Episode 4 ("The One-Armed Man")


Special Agent
Apr 12, 2022
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Twin Peaks
The One Armed Man
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Air date: 1990-05-03

Guest stars: Chris Mulkey, Jed Mills, Al Strobel, Lance Davis, Erika Anderson, David Lynch, Grace Zabriskie
Cooper and Truman try to find The One-Armed Man.

Log Lady Introduction

Even the ones who laugh are sometimes caught without an answer.

These creatures, who introduce themselves but we swear we have met them somewhere before.


Look in the mirror. What do you see?

Is it a dream or a nightmare?

Are we being introduced against our will?

Are they mirrors?

I can see the smoke. I can smell the fire.

The battle is drawing nigh.

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