S01E01: Pilot

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S01E01: Pilot
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Air date: 1990-04-08

Guest stars: John Boylan, Mary Jo Deschanel, Troy Evans, Robert Davenport, Jessica Wallenfels, Roberta Maguire, Frank Roberts, Jane Jones, Shelley Henning, Arnie Stenseth, Rick Tutor, Marjorie Nelson, Ben DiGregorio, Catherine E. Coulson, Al Strobel, Brett Vadset, David Wasman, Tawnya Pettiford-Wates, Dorothy Roberts, Diane Caldwell, Andrea Hays, Charlotte Stewart, Jan D'Arcy, Grace Zabriskie, Julee Cruise, Rodney Harvey, Gary Hershberger, Phoebe Augustine, Don S. Davis

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The Pilot that changed TV and made most of us fans had the working title "Northwest Passage".

Link to episode discussion thread on Dugpa:

As I wrote in my first post about the Pilot there:

One of my favourite episodes alongside 8, 14, and 29. Unbelievably iconic. A stunning debut. Fantastic mise-en-scene, production, cast, everything. Probably the best pilot I've ever seen.

What else can be said about the Pilot? Lots I'm sure! (And, on checking the Dugpa thread, I see I made several other posts about it - as did many others!)

And here's a very cool little pic courtesy of @Jerry Horne:

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Wrong Way !

Sparkwood & 21
Jun 30, 2023
So,, my recent viewing revealed to me a massive...., i mean huge.... energy flow point, when the Head teacher revealed the death to the school and the subsequent scenes at Laura's house .. Did anyone else notice this,, a vibrational flow, a current of highly charged energy, but with a very negative slant..... More powerful than the creepy red room vibes, and also more profound than the Bob scenes....
The natural flow of the energy was not complete until the late stages of the last series, in the big showdown at the sheriff's office.. At this point the energy was taken back and completed the cycle.
make sense to anyone ?
Energy always flows, or changes format. We cannot create it, nor destroy it, but we can channel it ..

Mr. Reindeer

White Lodge
Apr 13, 2022
Fun facts!

The Twin Peaks Pilot has 51 credited actors. This number includes two characters who were cut and do not appear in the episode: Maria Pulaski (Ronette’s mother) and a priest named Father Hutchings. The only Twin Peaks episode with more credited roles than the Pilot is Part 5, which has 56 (60 if you include the band Trouble).

The Pilot script has 56 speaking parts (plus one point where an unspecified number of “newsmen” ask questions all at once, which was not in the episode). Those 56 speaking parts do not include the credited roles of Laura, Johnny Horne, Janek Pulaski, the One-Armed Man, and Maria Pulaski, who all appear in the script but have no lines. It also does not include the credited roles of Dr. Jacoby, Log Lady, Girl Singer (the Roadhouse singer), or Hotel Employee, as those characters do not appear in the script. Included in the 56 speaking roles are several characters who appeared in the Pilot but went uncredited: the two students who tell Bobby the sheriff is looking for him when he first gets to school ("A Girl with Glasses" and "Another Kid"), the State Trooper who talks to Laura’s teacher, the second State Trooper, Fred Truax (the guy Catherine fires), the TV reporter (later to be known as Cyril Pons), the Norwegian translator, and Johnny Horne’s nurse/caretaker. It also includes six characters who were cut from the episode: Jake Morrisey (the owner of the Roadhouse, mentioned in a deleted scene from the Pilot and also in The Secret Diary), an unnamed Deputy at the sheriff’s station, a second reporter, a convenience store cashier, a pool hall owner named Shorty, and another biker.
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