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S01E01: Pilot


Special Agent
Apr 12, 2022
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Twin Peaks
S01E01: Pilot
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Air date: 1990-04-08

Guest stars: John Boylan, Mary Jo Deschanel, Troy Evans, Robert Davenport, Jessica Wallenfels, Roberta Maguire, Frank Roberts, Jane Jones, Shelley Henning, Arnie Stenseth, Rick Tutor, Marjorie Nelson, Ben DiGregorio, Catherine E. Coulson, Al Strobel, Brett Vadset, David Wasman, Tawnya Pettiford-Wates, Dorothy Roberts, Diane Caldwell, Andrea Hays, Charlotte Stewart, Jan D'Arcy, Grace Zabriskie, Julee Cruise, Rodney Harvey, Gary Hershberger, Phoebe Augustine, Don S. Davis
The small northwest town of Twin Peaks, Washington is shaken up when the body of the Homecoming Queen, Laura Palmer, is discovered washed up on a riverbank, wrapped in plastic.

Log Lady Introduction

Welcome to Twin Peaks.

My name is Margaret Lanterman.

I live in Twin Peaks.

There is a story behind that. There are many stories in Twin Peaks.

Some of them are sad; some funny.

Some are stories of madness; of violence.

Some are ordinary.

Yet they all have about them a sense of mystery.

The mystery of life.

Sometimes, the mystery of death.

The mystery of the woods. The woods surrounding Twin Peaks.

To introduce this story, let me just say it encompasses the all.

It is beyond the fire. Though few would know that meaning.

It is the story of many. But it begins with one. And I knew her.

The one leading to the many is Laura Palmer.

Laura is the one.

The Pilot that changed TV and made most of us fans had the working title "Northwest Passage".

Link to episode discussion thread on Dugpa:

As I wrote in my first post about the Pilot there:

One of my favourite episodes alongside 8, 14, and 29. Unbelievably iconic. A stunning debut. Fantastic mise-en-scene, production, cast, everything. Probably the best pilot I've ever seen.

What else can be said about the Pilot? Lots I'm sure! (And, on checking the Dugpa thread, I see I made several other posts about it - as did many others!)

And here's a very cool little pic courtesy of @Jerry Horne: