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Apr 11, 2022

Chain thread for chronicling and discussing all instances of the number 430 throughout the series (or even adjacent to the series).

No matter how far fetched or improbable.

I'll start with this passage from The Autobiography of Dale Cooper:

April 30, 7 P.M.

I do not know what to do. I find myself in the difficult position of choosing between breaking the trust of a friend and mentor, or denying love.

The feelings I have been experiencing for Caroline are apparently mutual. While on a walk today Caroline told me that she loved me, and has since the first day we met. At first I tried to resist and convince her that I could not say that I felt the same way about her, but she saw through my charade and we ended up in a long and passionate embrace.

I have never been able to say this about anyone, but I love her more than life itself. Every thought, every impulse, every waking second I want to devote to her. I want to help her heal, and I want to protect her for the rest of my life. We made love under a bright spring sun; it was the first time I’ve seen her happy since the end of her ordeal.

I do not know what I will tell Windom when he arrives here in the morning. Aside from the fact that it would be useless to try, I can and will not lie to him.

For the moment we have the night. The morning will be another day.

The following entry was made by Caroline sometime that evening.

I love you, Dale Cooper.

April 30, 11:30 P.M.

Caroline woke from a dream with a scream a short time ago. She had seen the face of the man who had taken her, and is sure that she knows him.

I believe the barriers holding her back are beginning to fall. She has agreed to try another hypnotic session in the morning. I think maybe Windom is wrong on one point.

Love is stronger than evil.

May 1, 1 A.M.

Something is not quite right… Caroline!

The time of the next recording is not known.

I have been stabbed… unconscious… Caroline is dead… Caroline is dead… Forgive me


Glastonbury Grove
Apr 13, 2022
4/30/1927—@ 6am, Dwayne and Andrew find giant (barefoot) footprints in the dirt near their fire pit, leading to the woods.

4/30/1974—[5/01/1974 @midnight] Cooper dances naked @ a Bryn Mawr May Day celebration, has several women write their numbers on his thigh until campus police break up the celebration

11/29/1987—4:30pm. Dr. Jacoby evaluates Nadine @ Calhoun Memorial. (He says the shooting accident happened a “couple of wks. ago.”) (Note that, at this point, Nadine is already obsessed w/ her silent drape runners, & Jacoby is working on his red-and-blue glasses “optical integration system,” which slightly suppresses activity in both hemispheres of the brain thereby increasing activity w/i the corpus callosum & encouraging the two sides to work together.)

o Desmond & Stanley drive to Deer Meadow, Wa.; they arrive @ the sheriff’s dept. & speak to Sheriff Cable ca. 4:30pm (per Cable). They perform an autopsy on Teresa @ 4:30 (clock).

FBI HQ, Philadelphia, Pa. ~4:30pm (Tammy’s watch). Deputy Director Gordon Cole, Senior Special Agent Albert Rosenfield & Agent Tammy Preston sit in a meeting w/ 5 other agents.

~2:30pm. Andy questions a farmer about the Ford Richard was driving, which is now on the farmer’s lawn. The farmer acknowledges that it is his truck, & says he’ll tell Andy the whole story, but he cannot talk to him there. Andy says they will meet @ the logging rd. above Sparkwood & 21 just past Jones’s down by the creek @ 4:30, in 2 hrs.

From @Mr. Reindeer's timeline

EDIT: More numbers. I went looking in π (the ratio for a perfect golden circle, or maybe a cherry π) 430, couldn't really find anything. So I looked up the electricity pole's 324810, which is at position 2111203 of π. 2+1+1+1+2+0+3 = the number of completion.
Also 2+1+1 = 4, 1+2=3, 0, leaves a three. Three Coopers (I think only 3 existed simultaneously max)! 430!
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