Release Dates of the Books

Mr. Reindeer

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Apr 13, 2022
As a dates guy, one thing that’s always bugged me is that there doesn’t seem to be any particularly reliable source for when the TP books were released in the 1990s. I wonder if any original fans (Jerry Horne?) have any insight into this.

The standard date for The Secret Diary found on wikipedia and most other places online is 9/15/1990, but this seems wrong since books are released on Tuesdays, and the 15th was a Saturday. Still, this seems to be the right week, per this review: The Tuscaloosa News - Google News Archive Search
So presumably The Secret Diary was released on September 11, 1990. Does that seem right?

The Diane... audiotape (not technically a book but released through Simon & Schuster) was released October 1, 1990 per the Twin Peaks wikia. This was a Monday, so perhaps it technically dropped on the 2nd? This timing seems about right since the tape contains audio from the second season premiere but no episodes after that, and the release would tie in to the season 2 premiere the preceding Sunday.

This site makes a convincing argument that My Life, My Tapes was released on April 2, 1991 (in between Episodes 24 and 25): The Autobiography of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life – Scott Ryan Productions

I’m not at all sure about the Access Guide. Some sites say June 1 (a Saturday), but I’m not sure if that’s based on anything in particular, although it was presumably sometime around then.

Wonder if anyone has any clearer ideas about any of this?
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Jerry Horne

Bureau HQ
Apr 12, 2022
I'm thinking Steven Miller probably knows or could find out the dates. He has access to a huge archive of newspaper articles.

He is checking.