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Sparkwood & 21
Apr 12, 2022
From an interview David Lynch did with IndieWire a few days ago -- sure I'm reading too much into Lynch's answer, but I get the impression that when he brings up drones, long shots, and working with actors, that he could be talking about a recent experience. I know a smaller camera and drones were used at times during the shooting of The Return, but I just get the feeling he's talking about something more recent. Of course, he could be referring to any number of shorts he's done around his compound or even What Did Jack Do? Still, I like to think Lynch has been working on something more ambitious and using the latest technology which he seems to be very enthusiastic about.

Q: What initially excited you about the digital technology you used on “Inland Empire” when you were shooting?

A: It was so lightweight and fast. Small lights, lightweight camera, long takes — those three things right there change everything. Of course, now you’ve got digital cameras that are giant with lenses that weigh 50,000 pounds and you’re back in the old world, with a long time to wait for lighting. But there are also smaller and smaller cameras that have more and more features — better automatic focus, more steadying gizmos. And now there are drones that can do things you could never do before. Forget helicopters — now every picture has got drones with all different levels of beautiful sliding and gliding. You can grab the drone and move with it yourself, and then at a certain time let it go and soar around and then run after it and catch it and go back inside — you have these long shots that are incredible. And with the actors, I can get right in there with them and talk to them and watch them and move with them in a way that I never could before.



Special Agent
Apr 12, 2022
Too late for me to read an article right now - but thanks for posting and am especially interested to see what he said about Laura Dern's Oscar snub. Speaking of which, Sheryl Lee was snubbed for FWWM - definitely deserved a win or a nomination at least.


Waiting Room
Apr 12, 2022
Good to see Chopping wood in here. I miss you guys podcast. Listened to every one of them.

And that passage certainly reads like Lynch has some experience of working with drones. Or alternatively, he is at least 'dreaming' of how he will use them in a future project.


Waiting Room
Apr 14, 2022
And that passage certainly reads like Lynch has some experience of working with drones. Or alternatively, he is at least 'dreaming' of how he will use them in a future project.
I remember an interview where he went into a quite lengthy and excited tangent on how amazing it would be if technology made it plausible for a camera that could be super-tiny and go anywhere, down a throat, in an ear, through the air, etc. and that was way back, before drones were a thing.


Waiting Room
Apr 12, 2022
He could be talking about his experience on Twin Peaks, and looking forward to applying that to another production, be it more Peaks or something else. I will say that, for my money, Laura Dern in Inland Empire is the best acting performance I've ever seen.


White Lodge
Apr 12, 2022
He talks so passionately about filming with new technologies that I have a hard time believing that he would never direct a major project again.


Great Northern Hotel
Jul 16, 2022
I know I’m resurrecting an old thread, but an interesting tidbit to know is that Lynch originally would’ve settled to just film The Return with phone cameras, but Showtime insisted he had to shoot with cinema-grade quality. Many prefer the cinema-standard, but I’m all about creators intent, so I would’ve loved some low-budget shots. IE has many unique shots because of it.

If Lynch filmed something in secret during the pandemic, then we can bet it was low-budget! Of course, then you have the paradox. With a lower-budget, he gets more creative control because there’s less risk. However, if he desired a massive cast, lots of locations, etc, he would need to make a sacrifice.

I wonder what production company out there wouldn’t mind giving him a high-budget, but also complete freedom, even more than Showtime’s? 🤔


Waiting Room
Apr 12, 2022
today a phone is better camera than the Sony PD-150 with wich he filmed INLAND EMPIRE ( IMO a BEAUTIFUL LOOKING MASTERPIECE!.. ) so, thats not a problem if he wants to do what he wants... He could have easily filmed several movies since IE if he wanted to. Lets see what happens, but to me, since he is an old man, he need to be comfortable now, so thats budget right there. It all depends on his ideas and the scale of what the thing needs to be.
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