UPGRADES Progressive Web App now available

New forum features and upgrades

Cyril Pons

Jul 3, 2022
Android users should now have the ability to install a Progressive Web App for this forum.

This allows lots of cool features:
  • Push notifications
  • Home screen icon
  • Slicker interface and no pesky URL bar
  • In theory, caching common assets to reduce server load and speed up the browsing experience for members
To install on Android/Chrome:

Tap the menu drawer icon on your phone

Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 08.57.41.png

Tap the button circled below and follow the prompts:

Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 08.57.02.png

To enable push notifications:
  1. tap your profile pic on the menu bar above.
  2. Tap preferences
  3. Tick/untick which alerts you want to receive (and definitely disable the two annoying "and receive email notifications" boxes!)
  4. Press "Enable Push Notifications"
You should now be get a ping whenever someone quotes you, or replies to a thread you started. Feel free to turn off stuff you don't need to be alerted to on a granular level.

iOS doesn't officially support PWAs but it does support some features. Try it via Safari > share > add to home screen