Piper Laurie (1932-2023)


Great Northern Hotel
Apr 12, 2022
I'll always have great love for Piper Laurie. Like Mark Frost said, she was one of a kind in every way. Years ago I read her autobiography which was wonderful and this delightful story from her trip to Scotland stayed with me. Such sense of humor, charm and wit. Rest in peace, Piper Laurie. 💙


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Bureau HQ
Apr 12, 2022
I’m sad that we’ve lost Piper Laurie, but happy that she lived a long, interesting, and successful life. She left a great legacy, and like Ray Davies sang, “celluloid heroes never really die.”

Catherine Martell is happily on her way back to her true home, that great glorious sawmill in the sky. (That is, unless we begin hearing of sightings of a certain Mr. Tojamura.)

N. Needleman

RR Diner
Apr 12, 2022
Maybe a hot take, but one of my favorite smaller throughlines in the show is how I see the evolution of the Martells' marriage. Their big emotional scene at the end of Season 1 marks a change in how they treat each other, and Catherine is more affectionate, kind and even intimate with Pete from then on, even when she is also being a raging bitch; she includes him at every turn. I always thought that change was genuine based on Piper's performance, even if the scripts in Season 2 at times suggest otherwise. I never felt it came off onscreen as Catherine faking (her exasperation with his crying aside). She was both an impossible, difficult person and someone who had come, in her own way, to appreciate Pete a bit more and rediscover some of their love. Piper made me believe in that.


Waiting Room
Apr 14, 2022
In a way that seems somewhat obvious to me, since she's not there in FWWM or S3, and because her character aligns with the styles, mannerisms, and tones that uniquely color the original 2 seasons, Piper Laurie has always been somewhat emblematic of OG Peaks to me. She's absolutely a, if not the, highlight of the old material whenever I revisit it.


Glastonbury Grove
Apr 14, 2022
I watched Children of a Lesser God other day, which she got oscar nominated for. Another mother part, though quite subtle compared to Carrie.