Outer Range on Prime Video


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Apr 12, 2022
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Just saw a trailer for this and it looks really good and apparently it's quite strange. It stars Josh Brolin and Lili Taylor.

I don't watch many new TV shows but loved the trailer for this one, especially the great way "Angel of the Morning" played during it. Anyone seen it yet? What's it like?
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Anyone watching this? The use of My Prayer was a bit on the nose as far as Twin Peaks references go. Though there are plenty of other similarities to TP.
Interested in it to see if there are any similarities with the real life phenomena on Skinwalker Ranch..
I finally started this show over the weekend. Only 2 episodes in but so far so good, finding myself enjoying it quite a bit. It's not a masterpiece or anything but I've appreciated a lot of the filmmaking on display and feel like it's doing a decent job of building suspense so far. I'm actually finding myself actively wanting to watch the next episode in short order, which is something I can't say for every show I'm watching currently.
I finished it a few weeks ago I think... Its good. It has some crazy things in there. Good acting overall. I was hoping it was a mini series, but theres a second season coming. I much prefer mini/limited-series
Yestarday finished rewatching first season ahead of the new one, and I enjoyed it even better than the first time. I think is a very particular show, filled with great moments and ideas.
Just saw the first episode from season 2