Long shot question re: an old Inland Empire review


Waiting Room
Apr 12, 2022
I was reminiscing about the good old days, before Lynch had well and truly entered into the film canon, when you'd read all kinds of unhinged criticism of his work. Obviously Ebert's at times obnoxious criticism, but also stuff like him being a right-wing fundamentalist Christian, a hack who ripped off Werner Herzog, Dan Schneider's weird pieces on Cosmoetica, Mulholland Drive being about the Elders of Zion, etc.

During this time, probably around 2007, I stumbled across this truly bizarre piece about Inland Empire. My memory is hazy, but the gist was the film is a neo-conservative parable about how the United States needed to act against Eastern Europe. I believe there were strangely detailed breakdowns of Lynch's supposed perspective on perceived Slavic cultural ills, and images being metaphors for SCUD missiles Poland might launch against the United States. I found the piece by way of another reacting to it like "what the hell is this?" So much of the weirdness of the early internet is gone, but does anyone remember this piece?