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saturn's child

RR Diner
Apr 17, 2022
So last night I went to Jacoby's Tiki Bar in Sydney (specifically, Enmore); it's a couple of hours on the train from where I live in the Blue Mountains (which has quite a Twin Peaks vibe actually), but I happened to be visiting a friend in the same suburb.

I had a couple of requests to post pics, so here they are! & a brief write-up along the way. Unfortunately the Peaksy aspects are kinda limited; it may have been a different story when it opened a few years ago.


We arrived just after it opened & sat basically in the centre of the room, so these two pics are taken back-to-back:

The back wall:

Immediately to the right of the above image is a hall leading to the bathrooms, & it's the main drawcard (for Peaks fans at least).
It's a little odd going straight from the Tiki vibe into the red room, but the jarring aspect was also a little surreal, which was nice.
With flash:

& without, which is a nicer mood:

Also nice from the bathroom end coming back in:

The music was mainly '60s, leaning toward the pop spectrum; I hadn't seen my friend (a fellow art therapist) for a couple of years & she brought another friend so I was a little lost in conversation. I remember Remember (Walking in the Sand), He's a Rebel, & maybe another Phil Spector song or two. Let's Twist Again too. Actually, yeah, some great tunes!

(I'm running out of attachment room so will continue below)

saturn's child

RR Diner
Apr 17, 2022
The drinks menu was fairly standard cocktail fare (I think?), with only one Peaks-related option, which I of course went for (x2). They were damn fine, I must say:

When I was ordering drinks I noticed a couple of easter eggs squirrelled away behind the bar:
Don't know how visible it is, but that is a copy of The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper up next to the owl & 'Damn fine cherry pie' sign.

& that's about that! I asked the waitress about the Twin Peaks elements of the bar, but she didn't have much of an idea about any of it.


Random bonus image; I explored the neighbouring suburb (Newtown) using a map of the Greek city of Syracuse while I was waiting for Jacoby's to open, starting at the Fountain of Arethusa (based on a dream I had the night before). Seemed like the surrealist thing to do, something I'd heard a few years back. Anyway, I came upon 'the Artemision' -- according to the map I was using -- which was this nice church with a "red door":