Interview with TPTR costume designer Nancy Steiner


Glastonbury Grove
Apr 14, 2022
I don't think this has been posted here yet. Much of this interview is about Steiner's work on "The Virgin Suicides" since Criterion is releasing a 4K version of that title, but there is the following bit about her work on the Return.

"Can you talk about working with David Lynch and designing the costumes for Twin Peaks: The Return?

I was honored to step into the shoes of Patricia Norris, who made the costumes for the original series and worked with David for many years. I just wanted to be true to the characters—and there are so many of them! There were eighteen episodes and, I think, around 246 speaking parts. Everybody thinks it’s easy to make present-day costumes, but “jeans and a T-shirt” can mean a plethora of things. David loves styles from the fifties and older, so the clothes had to be vintage-looking or timeless, you know? It had to be cool. David obviously loves the weird shit, so I knew I had to bring the weird shit!

I love the mix of innocuous, everyday clothes (like the jeans and cardigan that Naomi Watts’s character wears) and the more hyper-stylized looks (like the statement pieces and red bob wig worn by Laura Dern’s Diane).

At first David wanted Naomi to be in a floral dress. I got all these incredible dresses, and we had a fitting in the trailer the night before they shot her first scene. In the morning, David changed his mind and wanted her to wear jeans, a top, and a cardigan. So that happened with no planning at all. That wasn’t the case with Laura Dern’s costumes. For her, we had multiple fittings and came up with a number of different looks. She had to have a bold and fun look since she’s such a strong character."

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