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ARTICLE I interviewed David Lynch for Philadelphia Weekly

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That was a fantastic read. What an experience that must have been for you.
It was a literal dream come true. In the recording of my conversation his assistant had me on hold while he tracked down David, and when he suddenl;y came on and said hello I made a huge gasp before I said "Good morning, Mr. Lynch." I couldn't believe that voice was actually talking to me. I had a huge smile on my face the entire conversation. He really is the person he comes across as being. So totally genuine.
I read this a couple weeks ago, great interview with thoughtful questions.

One problem though - I'm still wondering what that sofa looked like!
ARTICLE Mary Sweeney on Lost Highway, Mulholland Dr. and The Straight Story
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You Want People to Enter the Dream Mary Sweeney on Lost Highway, Mulholland Dr. and The Straight Story https://www.rogerebert.com/interviews/you-want-people-to-enter-the-dream-mary-sweeney-on-lost-highway-mulholland-dr-and-the-straight-story
David Warner, 1941-2022
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Farewell, David. Thanks for your work, especially your villains. - Mordeen
ARTICLE Five years later, Twin Peaks: The Return's ending finally makes sense
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Hello! Infrequent poster here. I wrote this article and thought you'd might like to read it. In it, I expand thoughts I expressed in the Speculation thread a while back, though the editorial is not connected to a theoretical season four. It is "my own ongoing personal investigation" into the meaning of The Return's finale. Cheers! Sidgwick https://whatculture.com/tv/5-years-later-twin-peaks-the-return-ending-finally-makes-sense