Help bring the Neon RR back to Twedes

Holy smokes, that was fast!

Twin Peaks Part 13 GIF by Twin Peaks on Showtime
season 1 double r diner GIF by Twin Peaks on Showtime
It's nice that during a period of such accelerated destruction of Twin Peaks locations, something's being made even more like it was in the world of Twin Peaks.

It would be fun to see the blue oval section change from reading Twede's back to Mar, as in Mar-T Café, as it was in the show, as well as in the real world at the time.
Anyone here planning on attending? I’ll be there.
I wish I could. I hope some others can go, and we’ll get some first person reports from the event.

I think the next project should be the raising of a commemorative utility pole with a #6 at the original location of the Fat Trout trailer park. It could double as bird housing or something. Then again, birds from the #6 utility pole might become Birds From Hell.
Here is a great new article about this project/event, with lots of info and a very cool short video from @dugpa.

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P.S. Even though the goal was met with amazing speed, you can still contribute to support additional things, and there are many rewards even if you can't attend, like commemorative t-shirts, RR mugs, enamel pins, your name on a silver plaque inside Twede's, etc.
A Twin Peaks preservation society is needed. I'd love for someone to find a way to save the sheriff station building, repaint the Mount Si Motel, add the "Mar" neon back to the RR sign etc. It would be easy to slap another 6 on the phone pole at the intersection where Richard ran the boy over.