Help a Rabbit out!

Jordan Cole

White Lodge
Sep 22, 2022
Holy shit. Dental costs is no joke. I've had two teeth replacements and it cost about $12,000, and I have like NO money. It took me YEARS to pay off.

I wish I could contribute but I'm totally broke. Work has been incredibly slow and my rent keeps going up :(


Great Northern Hotel
Apr 12, 2022
Seeing that the top donation is from Naomi Watts ☺️☺️
I believe the two met while working on the movie "Tank Girl" and have been friends since. Coffey also directed her in the short film "Ellie Parker" in 2001, and the film version with the same name, which I guess is the fully realized movie version of the short film. Haven't seen it but am interested.

Anyway, I had to check up on the progress and Coffey's fundraiser did reach its goal. There are before and after pictures in the link in the op.