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Check out the fabulous piece written by Dugpa Forum founder @dugpa by clicking the link below this excerpt:

Since my first time watching Fire Walk With Me over 30 years ago, I had always wanted to visit the famous Palmer House. Over the years, I had visited many of the locations both in California and Washington. The Palmer Home however despite it being in my top 5 was always one that alluded me. I knew it was a private residence and was always a bit skittish around what the owners might think. Imagine, some obsessed fanboy creeping around your front lawn! It didn’t seem like it was such a good idea. So when I had heard that the new owner was open to doing private tours, I knew the time had come to finally make it happen and wow, was I glad I did.



White Lodge
Jul 10, 2022
Terrific little article. So Dugpa is the same age as me. My age group was at that perfect moment in life to be impacted by Twin Peaks, I think: mid-teens. Twin Peaks has profoundly influenced me ever since. How fabulous to visit the Palmer house.

Interestingly, one of my friends who travels a lot went to a Black Lodge bar in Berlin, which had the herringbone floors and the red curtains. He felt like he'd had a trip into Lynch's world too...


Waiting Room
Apr 12, 2022
A great read, that. I'd love to make the pilgrimage one day. It I'm not much of a traveller and it is likely outwith my limits. I'll just live vicariously through other people.


Sparkwood & 21
Apr 12, 2022
Mary and her ex were really nice and accommodating to fans when we were up there for the S3 premier. It was such a trip being in the home. They even had a crazy BOB mannequin20170521_113652.jpg in Laura's room.


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