David Lynch Music & Music Video Collaborations


Bureau HQ
Apr 12, 2022
The thread name is self explanatory. Since I already made a Donovan post in the music thread, I will inaugurate this thread with the 2021 recording, "I Am The Shaman," put together by Donovan, Lynch, and Dean Hurley, and the accompanying video directed by Lynch. As Donovan explains in the description notes of the video, Lynch asked him to come to his Asymetrical Studios with just the embryonic beginnings of a song idea, and that everything flowed effortlessly from there. (I recommend reading the full details in the video description, if you haven't already.) Lynch adds some atmospheric guitar of his own, and the production features a filmic Lynchian sound design. The track was released on Donovan's 75th birthday.


Jordan Cole

White Lodge
Sep 22, 2022
BlueBob is genuinely one of my favorite albums. I listen to it all the time. I mainly listen when driving on the highway at night (like tonight.) Full of atmosphere and also some great hooks.