Can't grasp THE RIGHT IDEA for a >outlandish< Twin Peaks tattoo, between several original concepts. Let's talk about it. What would you do?


Sparkwood & 21
Jul 8, 2022
The first idea was tattoo 'mom' on my arm then cut the entire arm off. Just kidding.

First one would be a concept with the "fire walk with me" text. It could be only text or something with a fire effect, font motif or make it look like it was burned in the skin. (Or even actually burn the words in the skin, I don't care and have very high tolerance for pain.)

The second idea was to use owl symbol OR something containing diverse symbols/icons that are present or represent well Twin Peaks. Could even throw some homage to some other Lynch works, if little symbols are to be arranged into some free gap space in between the other tattoos.

The third concept would be a big one. Some character. Maybe a big head of Bob smiling. Maybe the whole body of Phillip Jeffries, tall, lean and thin man, wearing his vacation stylish cruise wear. Has a very suspicious and jumpy expression on his face. David Bowie, pointing to Cooper.
Also, variations would be The Arm in a dancing pose, or some several other weird JoJoesque positions the characters eventuality display... Gordon with a hand in front of his face, Laura in the "meanwhile" pose, etc.

Anyway, what would you guys tattoo in your body? Consider hypothetically, if you are already halfway covered with tattoos and have barely no reservations, no pain limits or sense of shame/ridiculous. It's a blank screen scenario, there are no other factors. It has to be OUTLANDISH, though.

saturn's child

RR Diner
Apr 17, 2022
The first idea was tattoo 'mom' on my arm then cut the entire arm off.

The above is the most outlandish.
2nd: burning the words into your skin.
3rd: make it realistically look like it's burned into your skin.

I wouldn't necessarily go for any of them myself (I only have one tattoo, a relatively tame ouroboros on my right forearm), but you capitalised 'outlandish' so I feel I have to cater to that with my suggestions.
You also capitalised 'or' but I don't know where to go with that. Oregon?

You should post a pic of whatever you end up getting!