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THE RETURN A thread on what is perhaps my favorite aspect of The Return, also, what’s yours?


RR Diner
Jul 16, 2022
“Visual non-sequitur”, is what I think is appropriate to call it.

Arguably, the most polarizing moments from The Return are the ones many find ridiculously unnecessary, while others cherish and analyze fruitfully. The scenes that many may mistake for filler, while I would debate are just a feature of Lynch’s stream-of-consciousness (and/or subconscious/unconscious) artistic expressionism.

Examples include the sequence where Dougie and Janey-E are sitting in the lobby with an American Flag across the room. The camera then does a slow-pull into Dougie’s face while a classic patriotic tune plays (can’t remember which one atm). Another example is many of the conversations strangers have in the Roadhouse. And even the infamous 2.5 minute long sweeping scene. I could go on, as there’s at least one scene like this per hour, but you likely get my point.

Now, what’s the point of all these vignettes? That, I would like to write an analysis on eventually. Of course, there is no singular answer.

Now, I ask, what are your favorite aspects of The Return, the ones that make it so special and unique to you?


RR Diner
Apr 14, 2022
I like yours, as I think it's an important part of the overall gesture towards mystery I take the series to be. There isn't really any mystery in life without the possibility that meaning can be hiding behind even the most superficially obvious or nonsensical of things. Disruption of the rational seems to me an integral part of the series, and even dovetails in with the more detectable themes of the facade of normalcy hiding the exact opposite. In a way, TP and Lynch's work at large seems to be presenting the opposite idea, that the strange is "normal" if you abandon preconceptions and the general baggage of that word.

For me though, my favorite aspect is how stubbornly unfathomable the supernatural element remains. I was extremely nervous the entire first viewing as it aired that the mystery would be deflated in some way. But now I'm left with bullet down my spine moments where all sense is withheld from the workings of the forces in the show, and I'm grateful for it; the Jumping Man sneaking around the purview of our protaganist, his face containing the Palmer family, how inaccessible the Tremonds are at the end, the house itself conveying some kind of monstrous will, the power lines, the fan, Carrie Page's living room...


RR Diner
Jul 10, 2022
I love the random little bits, such as the window cleaner's scraper irritating Gordon's hearing aids. Or that detective with the peculiar laugh. I'm not the biggest fan of The Return, to be honest, but those oddball little moments were the things that felt closest to the original series and reminded me why I wanted more.