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ARTICLE David Lynch: A Complete Retrospective—The Return, A Photo Journal

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A fantastic piece by Matt Fagerholm on the Daniel Knox's David Lynch: A Complete Retrospective—The Return. For so many of us who couldn't make it, this day-by-day account really is the next best thing

ARTICLE I interviewed David Lynch for Philadelphia Weekly

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Hi all, thought I'd post this article about and interview with David Lynch that I did for Philadelphia Weekly last month. It's mostly about his time in Philly and how it influenced him. https://philadelphiaweekly.com/45-years-of-david-lynch/

ARTICLE Telegraph: David Lynch rumours are growing by the day

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The lack of a Cannes announcement hasn’t stopped the whisper train – is the master of arthouse bizarrerie returning after 16 years? I have no new film coming out,” David Lynch said earlier this week. “It is not happening. I don’t have a project. I have nothing at Cannes.” For admirers of the Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks director, the meaning of his words couldn’t be clearer: a new David Lynch film was on the way, and it was definitely going to be premiering at Cannes next month. And...

ARTICLE IndieWire: David Lynch on Restoring ‘Inland Empire’ and Laura Dern’s Oscar Snub

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Q: What initially excited you about the digital technology you used on “Inland Empire” when you were shooting? A: It was so lightweight and fast. Small lights, lightweight camera, long takes — those three things right there change everything. Of course, now you’ve got digital cameras that are giant with lenses that weigh 50,000 pounds and you’re back in the old world, with a long time to wait for lighting. But there are also smaller and smaller cameras that have more and more features —...

DUNE AV CLUB: Lynch reverses course on Dune Director’s Cut

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AVC: Some notable filmmakers have returned to their works years later with re-edits, because just as a viewer’s relationship to a piece of art can change over time, so too can a creator’s. Was a new narrative cut something you ever considered with Inland Empire? DL: No. But Dune—people have said, “Don’t you want to go back and fiddle with Dune?” And I was so depressed and sickened by it, you know? I want to say, I loved everybody that I worked with; they were so fantastic. I loved all the...

NEWS Variety: Lynch to debut project at Cannes

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[...] Most surprisingly, according to two well-informed sources, there will even be a David Lynch feature film which has been completely off the radar and stars Laura Dern — either as a cameo or a supporting role — along with some other Lynch regulars. [...] The feature could either be a standalone movie that the “Mulholland Drive” helmer shot under the radar or an extended pilot of his upcoming series “Wisteria” which is rumored to star Lynch regulars including Laura Dern and Naomi Watts...

ARTICLE Editor Duwayne Dunham on Collaborating with David Lynch on Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart and Twin Peaks

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Five years after the Music Box Theatre’s previous David Lynch retrospective coincided with the television premiere of the highly anticipated Twin Peaks: The Return, the Chicago-based arthouse now presents David Lynch: A Complete Retrospective – The Return, a week-long celebration of Lynch’s work that also pays tribute to his many collaborators, friends and, in one particular instance, offspring. Running through April 14th, the retrospective also includes several in-person appearances, one...