Terms and rules

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Copyrighted images

Do not upload copyrighted images unless you took the picture yourself. We don't have a Getty Images budget. Nor a legal budget to defend against legal action. Lots of fan communities are facing very expensive lawsuits.


Allowed within reason but do avoid gratuitous swearing.

Some words are automatically censored (for example: the C word will be displayed as ****). Any attempt to circumvent the censor by substituting letters will lead to an instant and permanent ban.

Duplicate accounts

One account per person. Do not create duplicate accounts unless you cannot access your previous one (for reasons other than a ban). Duplicate accounts are flagged by the system and those creating them will be permanently banned.

Politics and current affairs

Debates on the political are allowed when relevant to the discussion at hand. Debate on politics is only permitted in the designated section.

An example for what the distinction is:

Discussing Reaganism in the context of Lynch's films is permitted in other sections; ranting about Biden falling asleep at a press conference isn't permitted.

Discrimination or abusive behaviour

No discrimination or hateful speech of any kind. No threatening or abusive messages to fellow members (in private or publicly). Depending on severity, this can lead to warnings, restrictions on access to specific sections, and temporary bans. There's a system in place that tracks punishments and it's a cumulative points-based system that escalates with each breach.


Do not gatekeep. Everyone knows you're the world's biggest fan.

feedback and suggestions

There is a dedicated section feature suggestions and bug reports.

We welcome all suggestions for expanded content or new features.

Staff may consult on policy and existing features at their discretion. All existing functionality and content is provided on a take it or leave it basis.


Do not spam. Don't post two replies when one will do. Don't constantly say the same thing over and over.

If you don't like the content of a thread, don't visit just to tell everyone how much you don't like it. Unless they're harming others, let people be.

No low-effort "I hate that this debate is even happening" posts. As per the meta discussion point above, you can ignore a debate if you don't like it. Saying it shouldn't be debated at all serves absolutely no one (including yourself).

Accusatory Language

Do not libel anyone, whether they're members here or elsewhere. And don't make accusations you cannot prove.


Don't call anyone a liar unless you have proof they're intentionally saying something they know to be untrue. Events not panning out the way a journalist reported they would does not prove they were lying.

untrue ≠ lie